Juice Bowl

Nutritious and Delicious

Meal components: School nutritionists from the largest districts in the US serve Juice Bowl 100% juice as meal components. Our natural juices provide ½ cup, ¾ cup and full cup servings of fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, in class feeding and supper programs.

Our beverages are made with the finest ingredients to ensure delicious tasting juices both kids and adults enjoy. A trusted brand since 1967, our 100% juices have no sugar added and are fortified to meet or exceed USDA nutritional requirements for in-school consumption.

Smart Snacks: Juice Bowl understands the need to provide healthy beverages for a la carte options during the school day. Our juices and teas are specifically formulated to meet the USDA Smart Snack compliant regulations. We offer 100% juices, Sparkling juice, all natural JB’s Iced Tea and sparkling waters. Our shelf stable beverages are packaged in convenient aluminum cans, Aseptic boxes and PET re-sealable bottles.

We’re not just for kids. Juice Bowl products are also served on airlines and by healthy meal providers everywhere.